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One on One: Advanced Industry Showcase

I'm participating in this Fall's One on One Advanced Industry Showcase for the next three weeks and I'm so excited to meet new people in the industry and to work on new material. Here's the lineup:

Commercial Agents: Amanda Nyman- Stewart, Lakey Wolff- CESD, David McDermott- JG&D, Jerry Kallarakkal- DDO

Casting Directors: Meghan Rafferty- Ellen Lewis Casting, Jodi Collins, Ashley Ingrams- Billy Hopkins, Brette Goldstein, Candice Alustiza- Jessica Daniels Casting, Ellen Parks, Erica A. Hart- ABC Casting, Karyn Casl- Telsey + co, Kate Murray- the public/NYSF, Stacy Gallo, Steve Vincent- S2 Casting

Indie Film Director: Matthew Bonifacio

Legit agents: Jenna Winnett- Judy Boals, Jim Daly- Bloc NYC, Kyle Bos- Talentworks, Mikey Nagy- the Krasny office

Managers: Emily Sclar- Station 3 Entertainment, Aaron Sandler- Brownstein Entertainment Management

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