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Nightmare Before Insomnium

I'll be making my Off-Broadway debut as Rachel in Daphne's Legacy by Meghan Hourigan in the epic performance piece...

NIGHTMARE BEFORE INSOMNIUM is a one night only event presented by Insomnium Theatre Company. An immersive horror-theatre experience and Costume Party, the evening includes horror one-acts, performances by Klokwize and Tate Gregor and, of course, lots of drinking. Attendees will be lead on a haunted house style journey of horrific and hilarious one-acts, culminating in a Halloween party you definitely don't want to miss. Get your tickets now! October 24th Doors at 7:30pm 21+ TICKETS $15 in advance, $20 at the door Featuring Horror One-Acts: Party Games by Jarrod Allan Directed by Jenna Antoniades Featuring Stephen Zuccaro, Danté Jeanfelix, Ry Szelong, Annie Pardoe,Savannah Rose, and Amanda Phelan. Night of The Living Beanie Babies by Josh Brown Directed by Felicia Lobo Featuring Cody Buege, Melissa Mahoney, Amanda Centeno, and Zach Donovan. Daphne's Legacy by Meghan Hourigan Directed by Lauren Harris Featuring Mickele Hogan and Erin Brownett. Rooftop Parties by Alex Malcolm Mills Directed by Jake Beck Featuring Karsten Otto, Thomas Muccioli, and Moira O'Sullivan. With Music Performances by: KLOKWIZE Tate Gregor Stage Management by Pati Amoroso Costumes by Lauren Barber Set/Prop Design by Moira O' Sullivan Lighting Design by Haley Carter Sound Design by Matt Keim

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