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I made a web series! Presenting: Ella's Rebounding

Last summer, I decided to write a web series. I wanted to play my age for once and I wanted to poke fun at 21-year-old problems. My friend Savannah Jones told me that NYU was renting her a fancy camera for her film class that semester, so we decided to shoot this thing together. We made mistakes, we learned a lot, and ultimately we had fun with our friends. We made five episodes, each about five minutes long, and they include the skills of Lexi Langs, Meghan Hourigan, Zach Donovan, Jarrod Allan, Ian Young, Harrison Kaufman, Randy Nuñez, Anna Clare Kerr, Gina Vitori, and Nikita Chaudhry, as well as many others. Here's Ep 1 (heads up, it's kind of NSFW), all five episodes are on the Ella's Rebounding YouTube channel, so feel free to binge.

All the episodes are also under my ONLINE WORK tab on this very website.

Thanks <3

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